Utility Rates & Financial Services


Cost of Service and Rate Analysis for Electric Utilities

We are pleased to announce an alliance between PowerTech Engineering and JDG Consulting, LLC to provide retail rate and cost of service analysis and related financial services for our clients. JDG Consulting, LLC, was founded by Mr. Jack Gaines, who began his career with Southern Engineering Company where he was Vice President of the Utility Rate and Financial Services department.

In 2004, Mr. Gaines founded JDG Consulting, LLC, where he brings his many years of experience in preparing cost of service studies, rate studies, financial forecasts, and valuation studies for his clients. By working with JDG Consulting, LLC, we will provide our clients with a full range of services.

PowerTech and JDG Consulting's Services Include:

  • Cost of Service Studies
  • Revenue Requirements
  • Retail and Wholesale Rate Design
  • PURPA Standards and Implementation
  • Territory Valuations
  • Financial Forecasting
  • DSM Feasibility
  • Expert Witness