Planning Services


Your Trusted Experts in Distribution Line Planning and Design

PowerTech Engineering's planning services improve the efficiency, reliability, and safety of electric power systems. Our professionals provide thorough system analyses that assess the performance and effectiveness of alternatives for system improvement and expansion.

PowerTech's services include:

  • System modeling
  • Fault analysis
  • Load flow analysis
  • Protective device coordination
  • Power factor improvement
  • Arc flash studies
  • Loss reduction
  • Capacitor placement analysis
  • Power quality analysis
  • Construction contract document preparation and evaluation (RUS Form 790C)
  • Review shop drawings
  • Construction monitoring
  • Final inspection and start-up services

setting up and upgrading industrial load consumers

PowerTech Engineering's staff has prepared numerous work plans, long-range plans, and sectionalizing studies, as well as assisted clients in setting up and upgrading industrial load consumers.

We have designed and staked hundreds of miles of distribution lines. We also provide construction management services. In addition, our staff conducts distribution line design classes and they assisted in preparing the NRECA Staking Manual.